Are Messenger Bags Still in Style: Facts for Men and Women

Are Messenger Bags Still in Style: Facts for Men and Women
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Are you going shopping for a new bag this season?

You may be considering buying a messenger bag to carry all of your essentials from place to place and are wondering and asking “Are messenger bags still in style?”

Thus, we will look at the practicality of choosing a messenger bag over other styles of bags, as well as whether they are still considered to be a fashionable item to carry.

What Is a Messenger Bag?

Once upon a time, a messenger bag was just carried by postal workers for easy access to pick up and drop off mail. It typically is rectangular or boxy in shape and has one strap to carry either on one shoulder or over your body to the opposite shoulder. It has a flap that folds down over the front of the bag so that you can gain access to the main pocket easily and quickly.

Over the years, various designers of messenger bags have added extra pockets to carry your phone, cash, and keys more safely, and this style of bag was soon adopted by many other groups of people such as students and office workers and more recently, just about everyone for the convenience and style it offers.

Types of Messenger Bag

Types of Messenger Bag

Laptop bag:

A huge number of laptop bags are designed in the style of messenger bags. The front flap not only offers extra protection to your laptop but also gives you another space for a pocket to carry your charger or hard drive.

School bag:

Super handy for students, the messenger bag style allows easy insertion of books and paper without trying to squash them out of shape.

Diaper bag:

One of the popular choices for parents, the messenger bag allows you to carry your baby in one arm and the diaper bag over the shoulder with all of your must-have baby essentials.

Fashion bag:

Generally smaller than all of the previously mentioned types of a messenger bag, fashion-inspired messenger bags are trendy for their convenience to access contents such as purse or wallet, phone, keys, etc.

Messenger Bags for Men

A messenger bag is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a typical “man bag”. It is available in leather or mock-leather for a smarter appearance as well as softer materials like a canvas for a more casual look. Messenger bags for men have been in style for many years and are still very popular today, especially in cities with office workers, students, and commuters.

The “man-bag” was a welcome fashion accessory for many as it frees up your pockets and allows you to carry more than just cash and keys. A messenger bag can easily carry your book, lunch, and drink as well as anything else you might need for the day.

Not as formal and stuffy as a briefcase without being overly casual like a backpack, a messenger bag fits perfectly into the “smart-casual” niche and is considered a stylish must-have accessory by many urban trendsetters.

Messenger Bags for Women

As far as women’s bags go, a messenger bag is probably one of the most practical you can get. Women have more choices when it comes to bags, from clutch bags to beach bags, and it seems that women can choose to have a different type of bag for every occasion!

At one point, messenger bags were seen as more casual than smart due to the association with mail workers. These days though, by using different materials and finishes, designers have made it possible to find brilliant and stylish messenger bags that look great with a suit at the office.

The vast majority of designers (for the catwalk and high street) are even still producing messenger bags for the new season which would suggest the answer to the question “Are messenger bags still in style?” is a yes.

Women have many options of over-the-shoulder type bags available to them, but the front flap of the messenger style bag that allows access to the main pocket is convenient to have while still feeling safe that the contents of the bag won’t spill everywhere. Messenger bags will usually come with lots of different sized pockets, some zippable, others not, so that you can carry everything you need for a day while still being able to find it (as long as you remember which pocket is which!).

The convenience and organization that messenger bags offer will ensure that they remain fashionable accessories for years to come. The smart-casual style they offer means they can look great with a suit, as well as with a pair of jeans and a top.

Convenience Breeds Style

Are messenger bags still in style? Very much so. For work, a messenger bag is probably the most stylish type of bag you can opt for. For play, a messenger bag gives you that perfect “smart-casual” look where practicality, convenience, and style are merged into one.

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