What Is a Messenger Bag Used for and What Are Its Benefits?

What Is a Messenger Bag Used for and What Are Its Benefits?
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Have you ever stood at the counter of a store, routing through your pockets or bag looking for cash that you just know is in there somewhere? If so, a messenger bag is a must-have item for you! So what is a messenger bag used for and what are its benefits?

The messenger bag was initially worn by couriers for ease of access to their bag to retrieve or add mail to their round.

Superior to a backpack which had to be taken off your back each time to gain access to the contents, the messenger style bag soon gained popularity due to the convenience and practicality it offered its wearers.

These days there are a number of reasons why people choose to wear a messenger bag, so keep reading to find out exactly what is a messenger bag used for and what are its benefits.

Benefits of Owning a Messenger Bag

​Good Storage Capacity

A messenger bag holds roughly the same amount as a small rucksack, but due to the bag’s square or rectangular shape, they don’t squash things out of shape like a regular rucksack (that generally tapers into a thinner storage space at the top). It also has far more storage than a fanny pack that offers similar great access!

Good Organization

Messenger bags generally come with a large number of pockets to help you easily organize all of your belongings into space where they can be stored safely and accessed easily. No longer do you have to hunt around for your keys or phone at the bottom of your bag for frustrating minutes.

Ease of Access

The front flap of a messenger bag contributes to the ease of access, as well as the fact that it is worn on your side or front at waist level. Your belongings are always just a short reach away, so you can answer your phone before it stops ringing and find your cash before you get to the checkout.

Easy to Maneuver

Messenger bags are easy to put on and easy to take off, and you can switch from front carry to back carry in seconds. Having just one strap that slings over your shoulder or body, this is one of the most convenient bags to carry.


The messenger bag can be smart and casual all at the same time, making it one of the most popular and fashionable styles of bags around.

Benefits of Owning a Messenger Bag

Typical Messenger Bag Uses

​Postal or Courier Work

As mentioned, the messenger bag was worn initially and popularized by postal workers and couriers. Going from house to house, or office to office to pick up and drop off mail, made it more practical to have a bag worn at the side or front of the body, allowing easier access to its contents.

Organize School Items

Messenger bags are extremely popular with students due to the number of books they often have to carry. The rectangular style of messenger bags not only means the textbooks and laptop fit in the bag much better than in a rucksack, but the front flap also makes it quicker to slip your books and leave class as quickly as possible.

Carry Office Paraphernalia

Working in an office sometimes requires carrying a laptop from work to home and back, along with a plethora of paperwork and stationery. A rectangular messenger bag is perfect for accommodating a laptop, along with reports and books without squishing them all out of shape.

The style of a messenger bag also makes it ideal for the office environment as it is smart and stylish enough to fit in with a sometimes strict dress code while still being more easily accessible than a briefcase.

Safe Keep Personal Belongings

An office worker or not, pretty much anyone who commutes to work via public transport will benefit massively from having a messenger bag over any other style of bag. The ease of access this style of bag provides can save countless incidents of elbowing strangers as you struggle to retrieve something from your rucksack.

A messenger bag provides a decent amount of storage room for your lunch, book, and anything else you like to commute with while still maintaining the same practical access of a fanny pack.

Messenger bags are just cool! They look smart yet casual all at the same time. It’s thanks to the messenger bag that the “man-bag” fashion even happened! They keep things organized and can accessorize your outfit without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

Is This Bag for You?

What is a messenger bag used for and what are its benefits…and why do people choose them? Practicality, ease of access, organization, and fashion are just a few of reasons that make messenger bags one of the most popular types of bag available on the market. Messenger bags are in style and are here to stay, so if you’re shopping for a new bag, you really can’t go wrong with choosing a messenger style.

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